Hey! My name is Jia and I live in the Philippines. I am passionate when it comes to food, travels and life! I’m your typical college student that will love to share, to inspire, and to motivate my readers.  Here I am, ready to give you a rollercoaster ride!

Seeing my role models go into blogging and encouraging me to join in this kind of world, I told myself, why not? I would love to share my lifestyle and travels to all of you. I want to be a friend or a companion towards you guys, my fellow readers. I want you to know that you’re not alone and each has been through  with a different story. I want you guys to push through on what makes you happy and support you in every step pf the way. I want to be that friend that will help you guide of the path that you want to choose.

Yes, I’m that bubbly at the same time introverted person. I dont know if that counts, but I want to show my true colors through this blog. So, Subscribe and follow me on Instagram to see my everyday life and have updates of my blog. I assure you, you’ll not regret it! Also, you can message me on my email and I will gladly answer your questions! Let me give you the thrills!


Jia Torres