Hammam Royal Rituals: Moroccan Bath and Spa

Lifestyle / Sunday, August 11th, 2019

Sunny skies, clear blue sky — oh, what a wonderful day has been once I stepped foot in Iloilo City, Philippines. My friend and I went in order to experience the mysterious moroccan bath and spa that everyone’s talking about. Now, why Iloilo? Well, the City of Love is the only place at the most to have this kind of relaxation. Hammam Royal Rituals is something new, something intriguing and I, myself, love to experience something of the unknown. I told Mary, my dear friend, to join me in visiting the place and indeed, it was an experience that we would never forget! It’s one of the first in the Philippines and here’s my review to Hammam Royal Rituals – Moroccan Bath and Spa.

Entrance of the Spa

The place is located in Unit 2 Romnel Car Building, Burgos-Gustilo Street, La Paz. From SM City to the destination, it just took about 20 minutes including the traffic. When we entered the spa, it was magical! We were in a different world, a different kind of culture. The interior, the service and everything in between was great. The owner,  Tita Jo Ann was very accommodating and enthusiastically told us how she started this business and what the moroccan bath is all about. I’ll briefly tell you this…. Just briefly guys:

Living and working in the Middle East, she gets to enjoy the sweet relaxation of the Moroccan bath. Abruptly, an idea strucked her – introducing this kind of spa and rituals to her kababayan, a gift to the community. She told her family and close friends about this venture and they gave their big YES and support. Thus, Tadahhh! The Hammam Royal Rituals – Moroccan Bath and Spa was born!

Interior of the Spa

To sum up, the moroccan bath has four parts, namely the Wet Steam, Body Scrub with Kessa Glove, Hair Shampoo and Treatment and Full Body Herbal Hydrating Mask. These parts completes the bath which helps in rejuvenating and relaxing the whole body especially their Hair Shampoo and Treatment which I absolutely love. Tita Jo Ann created her own recipe on the herbs she put for this bath which is something to look forward.

Shortly, we took the chance in taking the 999 promo composing of the Moroccan Bath and Full Body Massage which is really affordable; grab the chance while it’s still there! Do note that before going there, you have to make reservations on their services specifically this one since their bath takes about an hour in per person.

Tea and Dates

Mary went first to experience the Moroccan bath and while waiting for my turn, I was given some complimentary snacks composing of tea and dates. I absolutely loved the dates to the point I asked for more and got a second serve! 

When it was my turn, definitely, it was first-class – everything’s perfect! Thank you, Tita Jo Ann for giving us a warm welcome and you know what? We had the best sleep that we could ever have because of their astounding accommodation. We actually woke up really late where we missed our boat ride in going home because that’s how amazing the spa is!

I greatly recommend this to you especially when you’re in Iloilo City, Philippines. To my friends who are there and have the time, don’t miss it. To those who are planning to visit Iloilo City, make it part of your itinerary and make your reservation. If you need more information, you can visit their website and contact them for the experience. You will absolutely love it and may you have the best Moroccan Bath and Massage! 

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  1. Wow first of all amazing stuff really sold the place of when I read the blog I hope you keep posting more blogs, the place looks cool I’m not in to spas and places like this but this from reading all these, definitely visiting it soon!

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