Freshies Essential Guide for An Amazing School Year

Lifestyle / Monday, July 16th, 2018


The start of another school year is coming and fresh faces will be seen! The thrill of a new chapter is about to begin. There will be new friends, new teachers and a new environment.

Therefore, here are some tips for freshies out there entering this school year! Good luck and enjoy it with a bang!



1. Attend the Opening!

There are different opening in different schools to start their school year and you should seriously attend the opening because its a one of a kind experience! Seeing the pictures in social media? It’s surreal! I’ts part of the tradition and honestly, its an experience that you will never forget.

Furthermore, you get to meet your blockmates there at the opening.


2. Join Extra Curricular Fields

Sports teams, organizations, student councils, etc. – you must join one! Like seriously! Having these extra curricular activites helps in relieving stress from school works at the same time, gaining new friends! You’ll be part of a family that will accept you and love you dearly.

Honestly, I never regretted in joining the swimming team and the HA productions. I’ve come to have a family that supports me all throughout.


3. Be a family and Work Together in Harmony

I couldn’t be thankful of my HA-5 family being there, supporting each other all through out. We did a lot together as one whole class – the late night works, the hang outs, the encouragement, the cheers and everything in between. Actually, meeting them for the first time, I was really shy, but at the end of the day they were like my brothers and sisters whom I loved so much !

Your blockmates or classmates will be their all throughout of your school year. You guys will be there through thick and thin. get to know them, hang out with them, and celebrate with them!


4. Coffee and Tea

Well there’s this called Bagyong Peta (performance task) in my school and even the exams! There’s a ton to study to the point, for the first time, I have to drink coffee. I would never forget how I had two hours of sleep just to finish everything. Hence, thank you for making me drink coffee and for giving me a lack of sleep.

Sleep while you can guys because it will be a roller coaster ride!


5. Celebrate with your block if you must!

As what previously mentioned, your blockmates are your family and you need to celebrate! It’s a kind of a stress relief situation that everything is over.

I used to remember after our final exams, each of us agreed to have a celebration and yes, we did! We ended up going home in the middle of the night. It was a memorable one and I love how we are so into it. Find a solid block that will be there every step of the way!


Indeed, it is another chapter of our lives and we have to make the most out of it – join extra curricular actives, spend time with blockmates, help each other out, and celebrate the joys of getting there and reaching our dreams! Don’t forget to follow, share and subscribe!

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