South Korea, You are Off of My Bucket List and I Missed You

Travel / Friday, July 6th, 2018

Home of the famous Kpop groups such as Bigbang, BTS, Girls Generation, Blackpink and Twice, and also home of hit dramas such as Boys over Flowers, My Love from Another Star, Descendants of the Sun and Goblin –– South Korea is a must go to places in Asia!

I was there December 2017 when the weather was freezing me to death like around negative one degree celsius? That is no joke! However, I fell deeply in love of the place! Definitely, its one of the bucket list for every kpopper out there!

Review: South Korea



Bulgogi, South Korea
Bulgogi in South Korea


YAS! Of course, I’ll talk about it first! Knowing and appreciating the food of ones country means appreciating ones culture! Since we’re in their winter season, most of the food are hot and spicy and I it helps especially if you’re in a cold weather. You could also tell them to lessen the spiciness.

What I love the most is there samgyupsal and bulgogi! The food is really different from restaurant that I go in the Philippines. I’ts really mouth-watering. I also tried their street foods which is yummy and perfect for the weather. Try every food they have and say thank you in their own tongue.  Sometimes they give extras!




Gyeongbokgung Palace, South Korea
Kings Room at Gyeongbokgung Palace

The people there are really polite. The people greet and bow to each other which is a sign of respect and were taught since they were a kid. They still preserved their palace and were still used to shoot for Korean dramas. That can be seen when watching Love in the Moonlight, Scarlet Heart and other historical dramas. Some even worn a hanbok in roaming around the palace despite the cold weather. All their weapons, outfits, carriages and other relics in their past were preserved in museums and the National Palace Museum of Korea is one of them.




Everland, South Korea
Ticket to Everland!

We’ve been to a lot of places, I mean in different provinces just to see their famous spots. I would just highlight the places that I loved. I want to come back and see the place again in different seasons are the Nami Island and the Everland!

Nami Island is famous for its filming locations of the hit korean drama in its time, the Winter Sonata.  There’s even a statue to honor the drama. In reaching this island,  you have to take the boat from Gapyeong Ferry Wharf.

The second place that i loved the most during my trip was Everland. Not Neverland, but Everland. It is a huge amusement park and I would love to go back in spring where i can witness the tulip festival. Although it’s in winter season, the place is still lovely! I’ve posted a lot of pictures on my instagram and yes, we were again, nearly left out by our group. I haven’t tried all the rides there, but they are extreme. I would like to go back someday and try all the rides.








South Korea is every kpoppers bucket list! I haven’t explored much yet, but given the chance, I would like to experience the place in different seasons. I this post is helpful. Contact me for questions and tips! Don’t forget to follow,share and subscribe!

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