Bali, Indonesia : A School Work Getaway

Travel / Friday, July 6th, 2018

Bali, Indonesia – famous for its beaches and outstanding temples! Me and my cousins travelled there around last month of April and oh boy, the date that we travelled fits in my schedule!

Bali, Indonesia is a perfect summer get away and a school work get away. Two months before the trip, my cousin told me to book a ticket and I didn’t regret it! I prepared for this four-day trip with them. It was a fun and loco holiday get away we ever had!





Bali, Indonesia
Food in Bali

I’ll always go with this first! Bali, Indonesia’s food? spicy as hell!! After arriving at the airport, we went straight for their food. Honestly we’re not prepared of its spiciness. Even my cousin who likes to eat spicy food can’t handle it. We can see his face getting red and puffy.

Most of the food there is spicy so you have to ask first. In addition, you have to go in their restaurants. The have a different concept because of its view! It is an open area where the landscapes are magnificent to see: a nice place to eat while enjoying the view.



Bali, Indonesia
Statue at Nusa Dua

Definitely, the beaches, temples and their cute and (some) scary monkeys are one of the things what people go to Bali. Their beaches are wonderful and of course, that golden hour! La Plancha and Nusa Dua are one of the beaches one must go too! La Plancha has these bright, colorful umbrellas and it’s a great place to have a night out. Nusa Dua has sunny, white sand beaches, crystal waters and the famous water blow.

The temples are what I fell in love in Bali. Each temple has a distinct feature from the other – a temple on the seaside, a temple in a forest, and a temple on a hill! Of course, one must follow their etiquette so prepare a scarf or sarong and dress as decent as possible. No need to worry if one forgets because they can be rented or part of the ticket.

Lastly, the monkeys are everywhere! There are cute ones and there are scary ones. We even witnessed how they chased each other on the ends of the earth. Another monkey approached my cousin and it tried to get her skirt!



Bali, Indonesia
Rice Field at Ubud

Going to Ubud, a town in Bali, all I see are rice fields,  but whats famous in this place is the rattan bag and the swing! My Bali experience would not be complete if I don’t take the swing. There are swings in different areas but the one at Luwak Coffee Plantation was the place that I come to loved. I imagined myself to be like Anne Wheeler from the Greatest Showman. I saved it on my instagram story and my cousins can be heard swearing at me.

It’s a stress relief kind of activity and you can do anything there such as shouting at the top of your lungs or just shout to celebrate what life and mother nature has given!



Bonus : Instagrammable Spots!!

I give you , start the drum roll, the bonuses! There are two instagrammable spots that you should go in Bali : KYND Community and Motel Mexicola! Both are in Seminyak and most travellers go to these spots because of their cool place!


Bali, Indonesia
KYND Community



Going to KYND Community, their food and place has a feminine touch. The food are decorated well that it can make you drool at the same time a must to take a picture with.




Bali, Indonesia


Motel Mexicola is the best spot if you want something that has a retro vibe. Every spot and every corner can be an instagrammable one! It has a wide space! Either you have to order first before having access in their area or you can book there.




Bali, Indonesia
Cousins Vacay


I hope this helps you in your future trips especially when you want to de-stress from school works. You, my friend, have a background on what to do in Bali, Indonesia! Try to check my other travels as well. Don’t forget to follow, share and subscribe!

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